Oct 27, 2013


Last week was exhibition week for me. Apart from the exhibition with my sister "Between Sisters", my class had a 3 weeks project with an end result of an big exhibition. 
Pictures and videos from the events below.

"Systrar emellan" - Finns att se på Skarpnäck's Kulturhus fram till den 12e November.

The entire wall with our paintings the night before opening.

From the opening day. Me and my sister Nancy! Click here to see her blog.

The night before preparing the paintings.

 Our school group project had the theme "Distortional Evolution". We chose to project our animations and videos onto three frames hanging on the wall in our cozy living room we set up for the night of the event. This was a three weeks project which ended with an 6 hour exhibition. Overall we were 2 classes with over 100 students sharing a big space with different rooms.  

This is one of three 15 sec animations I did from an drawing and it's one of the first things I did in Adobe AE, but working on something new!

Experimenting filming an octopus arm was different...

One of the other short clips I did had a city shown in day light vs nigh light and turning into an destroyed darkened city. I was working in Illustrator and After Affects for this one. 


roberto M. said...

Well, Congratulations!
I see two things:

-Art-works are spectacular.
-Gronholm-sisters are extremely beautiful.

I guess one thing:


Ha Ha! your video is amazing, I really liked!

(the arm of the octopus is a great detail!)

Have a nice week Carolina!!

Carolina Grönholm said...

Haha thanks Roberto!

Stress is hard to escape sometimes I guess ;D

Thanks for your comment and feedback Roberto, I do appreciate it. Have a great week!

Robine said...

Wow, that video is great! And I also love how spooky the octopus arm is! Great arts, wonderful work <3

Carolina Grönholm said...

Thank you Robine!

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