Jan 12, 2014

"Paths That Cross" - New animation short finished

So I just finished a new animation short! It feels like a great start of the new year.
Hopefully plenty more of this and new stuff will come.

As always, my inspiration to create comes from music: 



roberto M. said...

Hi, Carolina, your video is very good, congratulations!!
I must ask you apologize, not yet sent your prize. happens here in the place where I live (in a valley) no post office to send a letter I must down to the village. and between one thing and another I did not go, but this week I will put your prize trip to Sweden, OK?
forgiveness again :)

Carolina Grönholm said...

Thank you Roberto!
There's no rush about the booklet, take your time :)

Have a great week!

Carolina Grönholm said...

Thanks Martina!

k said...

aw that was really cool.

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