May 3, 2010

Craft fair day post no2

While on the craft fair I had time to look through the other tables before opening to the visitors and I found this pearl amongst everything. It's a t-shirt with an illustration by Robert Crumb! Those of you who follow this blog knows I'm a big comics nerd so I was thrilled when I found this, still are!! Oh happy me!! I'm actually wearing it right now.
It could also be the coffee daze that's talking. Feeling very up! 

I had a very sweet visitor at my table this saturday, all the way from Belgium! Veerle Maes and Marie, they both have lovely etsy shops and make incredible handmade jewelry. To visit their shops just click on their names above.

Veerle gave me this amazing ring as a gift, I cannot tell you how gorgeous it is in real life. The tiny crocheting is truly amazing! Don't mind my hand, let's just say I could never be a hand model with dirty nails and dry skin...

I just had to show you this vintage jacket I bought from Throback Vintage on Etsy a couple of weeks ago. I adore this 60's double button jacket, adore!

I think I'll wear both the jacket and the t-shirt tonight at the concert with She & Him, yes.


Rachael Rose said...

AHHHH you saw she & him! how was it?? i was supposed to see them at coachella but I didn't get to go =(

very cute jacket by the way!

lyptis said...

Cool outfit. Robert Crumb is pretty neat. Very funny!:)

Sounds like u had a nice day at the fair.

Carolina Grönholm said...

Rachael: They were so cute! but the sound wasn't that good, I feel bad for the sound guy.

Lyptis: Thanks! It was FUN! :)

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