May 2, 2010

Craft Fair Day

Craft fair no2 was a success!
I met lovely and warm people the whole day I was there. People who complimented me, old people with a lot of experience and many Etsy friends! 
This fair, Basar Under, has become a cute little saturday show with lots of talented people, live music and with more visitors. I'm definitely coming back! 

Here is me and my table neighbor Quena, the sweetest table neighbor! 
 Originally from Buenos Aires and now living in Sweden so I felt a connection right away. Her cute mother who must have been one of the most sweetest warm hearted woman I've met brought us Argentinian Milanesa sandwiches when she visited Quena. They were oh so good!

Quena sold her gorgeous handmade makreme jewelry and she even taught me the basics of macreme! It was really fun and calming. She sells her jewelry on swedish site Signerat and on Etsy, check it out!

Live music with Kim Vestin.

My table with jewelry and illustrations.

 Quena making makreme at her table.

As I mentioned before, my mini illustration brooches were among the most popular ones at both fairs.
I listed these two yesterday in my shop latenightdrawing, check them out!

I have more to show and tell about this fair but for now I really must head out in the sun!


Nancy Grönholm said...

Next time I see you, you must tell me EVERYTHING! Looks like you had fun! :D

Hollie May said...

looks great hun!!!! so proud!

Carolina Grönholm said...

Thanks Hollie! I had so much fun!

Carolina Grönholm said...
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karuski said...

You really had a great fair, congrats! Sounds like a fantastic monthly event with live music and all. I hope to be able to visit there next time I'll be in Stockholm!

ROROISM said...

roroism from vis a vis table here:-)
Gald you have enjoyed the fair:-)
not th ebest day for me tho...

Carolina Grönholm said...

thank you Minna! Do come by if you ever have the chance!

Hej Roroism! kul att träffas personligen:)
Ge inte upp, det blir bättre! Förra gången var usel för mig själv men det gick bättre denna gång:)
Hoppas vi ses där igen snart!

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