Jul 28, 2010

My weekend trip to the archipelago

This was my weekend trip to the the very small island of Huvudskär in the archipelago outside of Stockholm, with my girls. It was just as picturesqe as I imagine it would be. We only had bad luck with the weather, everything else was pretty much fun! 

The bad weather helped us get in the right mood for some ghost story telling and with some spiders that thought the heat inside was better than the rain outside joined in on the fun. Suddenly we were a crowd of 17...

Last day before going home. With no shower, and no regular toilet and bad weather. All grouped together outside our house we stayed at. 


karuski said...

A dreamy place! We hired a tiny cottage on a Finnish archipelago a couple of summers ago and I loved that place too. So calm and the beaches with big solid rocks were so beautiful!

Carolina Grönholm said...

It really was dreamy and beautiful! This small "island" is the one that lays closes to Åland or Ahvenanmaa (according to Wiki :) )

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