Aug 1, 2010

Prima ballerina

Ever since I crocheted my first slippers  I've wanted to make another pair and so I started with those pink ones (you can check them out by scrolling down a couple of posts) and really couldn't stop making them. These are 2 pair of them and so far I've crocheted I think....6 pairs! It's quite fun and I love how they turned out. In fact...I'm so pleased about them that I'm going to list them in the shop, starting with these two. All crocheted in wool and cotton, soft and cozy. 


Anonymous said...

Sweet! :-)

Laura said...

awww.. I want those! n___n

messini design said...

Så söta, perfekta julklappar!

Unknown said...

Cool slippers :-)

karuski said...

Very cute!
As soon as my current crocheted slippers get worn out I'll visit your shop. Promise!

Carolina Grönholm said...

Laura, JacBer: Thank you so much!

Karin Messini: Tack! Ja till julklappar! kanske ska lägga upp ett par på Signerat då!? :)

Karuski: Thanks! You are very sweet:)

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