Nov 29, 2010

Market & baking weekend

Here's some pics from the market Basar Under from last saturday. 
It went well, met lots of cute people and listened to good live music.
I also managed to draw some and made a new bangle bracelet!
Here's a part of my table:

My table neighbor sold vintage and retro toys. There were so many cute things and I wanted it all!

Some of my paper cranes hanging from the ceiling.

I was completely exhausted the day after but as it was the 1st of advent I had to make saffron buns. I'm a bit early as these are traditionally made on the 13th of december but they are so yummie, I just couldn't help myself. 

Hur firade ni första advent? Var på Ica i söndags och alla, ALLA, trängdes runt julstjärnorna och julpyntet. Ute i sista minuten som vanligt. Och jag med.


k said...

the market looks so cool, how fun :)

Carolina Grönholm said...

It is! :)

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