Nov 26, 2010

Ockra & blue colored

Brooches. I've made a whole bunch of new illustration & crochet brooches. 
I'm taking these with me for the market fair tomorrow, also some crocheted bracelets and my illustrations of course!

On other things: If you'd like to win beautiful and funny cards, Those Parasol Days are having a blog giveaway right now! Last day to enter is 29th of november so hurry up!

Svenskan faller visst bort ibland, ursäkta mig kära svenska läsare! Jag ska bättra mig. Jag vill passa på och påminna Stockholmare om Basar Under som pågår imorgon kl 11-18 i Skrapan på söder. Kom förbi om ni söker efter personliga julklappar. Finns massor av olika saker att hitta där! Jag kommer att sälja dessa broscher + en massa annat. Live musik, konst och en massa härliga människor!


Rachael Rose said...

These are so cute! Do you make a lot of sales or network when you go to fairs and markets with your art? Thanks for the comment by the way!
Yeah lots going on with me lately... Right now Im mainly into art and herbology.. A doula is similar to a midwife except you focus more on the mother during labor.. so I would be giving her a massage to ease pain and using essential oils and pampering the new mom so that her birthing experience is as peaceful and flawless as can be. :) I might wait until a little down the road before I get more into that.

Carolina Grönholm said...

Hi Rachael! It all very depends on what weekend I'm selling. If I don't make many sales is ok, I do get a chance to network a lot.
Wow I wouldn't mind having a doula myself if I ever get the chance to give birth. Sounds very relaxing and calming!

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