Dec 4, 2010

Sunday Morning Walk no2

With all this snow and cold weather I just had to make a sequel on my Sunday Morning Walk, so this is no 2. 
A little bit more sunny, a little bit more cheerier. You can see the first original on my banner.

Sau has gotten a little bit more fatter these days so an early morning exercise on roller skates is just what she needs but not at all what she wants. She rather lay by the windowsill with her paws on the heat radiator. 

Min illustration Sunday Morning Walk no 2 är färdig och den passar väl bra nu i vinterkylan. Denna är lite mer soligare och lite mer gladare. 
Sau har blivit lite fetare med tiden så en rullskridsko promenad är precis vad hon behöver men det är ju egentligen inte vad hon vill. Hon har ju större lust att ligga på fönsterbrädan med sina tassar hängandes ner på elementet.


Dino said...

Väldigt fin illustration. :-)

Littleclouds said...

I like this drawing very much !

N_Straight said...

Ha ha! Cat Skates! Also... great design on the shirt, do you own that?

Carolina Grönholm said...

Thank you girl & boys!

N_Straight: It just came to me when drawing, and it is a shirt I would want to wear. Shirts and jeans are kinda my thing :) glad you liked it!

MrsLittleJeans said...

You won't believe this but this is what I do everyday nearly : )

Carolina Grönholm said...

MrsLittleJeans: Lol!! I'd like to see that!

lauren carney said...

hahah omg so adorable! loveloveloveit! x x

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