Jul 15, 2011

Augustus the flying cat

He's a cat of bravery and sweetness. Whenever there's a distressful miaoo - he's there! 

Did I mention that he's incredible handsome as well?

Other than being the superhero cat that he is he enjoys daily life roaming around and playing with his brother Ollie in the backyard belonging to this wonderful lady.

Be safe/


Nancy Grönholm said...

seriöst, dina affischer och loggor är riktigt riktigt snygga!

Carolina Grönholm said...

Systri, nu blev jag alldeles rörd, tack! :)

MrsLittleJeans said...

O wow, what a treat for us all! You are the best! Thank you Carolina! xoxo

k said...

that is really cute! i like your profile pic too :)

Carolina Grönholm said...

Thanks Krystal! I got somewhat tired of my old photo...:)

Kimia Kline said...

so cute!

Indigo Blue said...

Alla katter behöver en katt som superhjälte! När kattsignalen lyser upp himlen kommer han som kan rädda de utslängda katten efter sommaren!
My Hero!!

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