Jan 3, 2012

Magazine Feature & New Brooches

Christmas went by fast and a new year is here, I wonder what 2012 will bring? 

Year started good with a UK magazine feature in Make Jewellery:

New brooches ready for shop listing.

Will the bird in the red scarf find a home?

I hope you're good, wishing you a wonderful week!


Lorena // gemagenta said...

great start of the 2012!
congrats carolina :)

Kim Baise said...

congratulations carolina! your little love birdie is adorable <3

Anonymous said...

Congrats, it's great!
Happy New Year!!

Carolina Grönholm said...

Thanks Lorena, Kim and Lyn! Happy 2012!

trishie said...

Wonderful start to the year, darling! Congrats!

Wida said...

Congratulations! That's so big!

Missing Amsie Blog

kajsa said...

Jag är som vanligt VANSINNIGT förtjust i varenda liten pryl du gör och åstadkommer. Väl värt att vara med i fina magasin är ju således också varenda grej. Och du.

Karen Lewis Textiles said...

I love your little rabbit brooch and big congrats on your magazine feature ;-) Thank you for popping by my blog and leaving your lovely comment...am so glad you di cos now I've found you! x

Carolina Grönholm said...

A big thank you:)

Kajsa, du är så söt! Kram!

Blueberry Park, I'm glad to have found a new blog friend especially one who also creates wonderful things :)

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