Jun 10, 2012

Sneak peek of new handprinted scarfs

Oh I've been away for too long! I've missed my little blog and you dear readers!

Things are happening and evolving into something wonderful and I'm enjoying every minute of it, though things like keeping up with friends and enjoying lovely summer's days tend to get left behind a little. 
This is why I also don't have new illustrations to post here. It's still on the secretive side..

BUT I can show you these new scarfs I'm making. Handprinted and ready to be sewed together. Lovely colors for summer days, don't you think?

Looking ghostly. My little helper. She's always by my side.


Anonymous said...

I wondered where you disappeared?! :)) Scarves are wonderful, beautiful colors.

Carolina Grönholm said...

Hi Martina! I'm back again :)
Thank you!!

k said...

WOW GIRL, i love these so much!!!

Carolina Grönholm said...

Thanks Krystal!!

BaxCatandCo said...

Those are great, love how your cat is helping :)

Galit said...

So so pretty!!! I love the hamster one!!! or is it a hedgehog? it looks like a super cute hamster-hedghog!

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