Mar 11, 2013

Love Birds - New Illustration

My latest illustration "Matrimony" is actually an old ink drawing I remade into something new digital. 
You can see the drawing in ink on a necklace pendant here

picture to animation

So many birds! but don't worry, I just got a commission drawing a beautiful long haired cat named Oliver and i'll probably be able to post the drawing here by the end of this week.

On other things, I've joined Pinterest to get inspiration from dreamy landscapes and beaches like this:

Happy Monday!

                                                                              Source: viaEvan on Pinterest


Kristina said...

These lovebirds are really cute!!!!

Carolina Grönholm said...

Thanks Kristina! :)

Annis said...

Beautiful! And i wonder, how do you get the image to move? It never worked for me :(
I'll keep this print in mind, it looks perfect for our new home in june!

MrsLittleJeans said...

Love the expression on the birds' faces : )
Congratulations to Oliver!
I joined pinterest too and it is many interesting pins!

Wishing you a beautiful new week...x

Carolina Grönholm said...

Thanks Annis! It's an gif picture, if you google it you'll find plenty of sites for free that makes it for you :)

Thanks for finding me and congrats to your new home!

Mona: Thanks! Oliver looks like Ollie but has more of an brownish fur. I'll look for you on Pinterest!

k said...

that is really cute. i love how you display it as a gif!

Carolina Grönholm said...

Thanks Krystal! :)

Nancy Grönholm said...

love the expression son their faces! so sweet! :)

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